Scantra AB

Scantra was founded in Stockholm, Sweden in 1991. Our goal  is to design and develop genuine products that strengthens our clients trademarks and thus give them opportunity to sell more and build stronger brands.

The main part of our products are manufactured and imported directly from Asia. In order to do business with our company all our suppliers must agree and apply our  “Code of Conduct”, a specification of demands and guidelines concerning basic labor principles, working hours and conditions, prohibition of child labor as well as environmental standards and regulations.

Scantra is an international, multilingual company with customers mainly situated in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Switzerland and Germany, but we serve small and large companies, and authorities, in several other countries as well. We have supplied promotional solutions to customers  like; Toyota, Vattenfall, Holiday Inn, Europcar, Volvia, Nokia, Viking Line and Viessmann.

At Scantra you always get your own sales contact who will guide you from idea to finished product with help from a well working “machinery” with many years of knowhow from the business.

Welcome to Scantra – your partner in strategic profiling!

CEO and Founder
Marcus Fabricius